Skills: Cover Design

(614) Magazine Cover: OSU Football 2013




If there’s one thing I learned while living in Columbus, it’s that Ohio State football fans are super serious about their team. So while working for (614) Magazine, every September it was our job to get super serious about making a magazine that Buckeye fans would love. This issue was before I became the lead designer of (614), so I was excited to take a crack at what would become my second cover for the magazine.

My first attempt at designing this cover involved the same photo of star quarterback Braxton Miller, however it was a dark, surreal image of him Photoshopped into a scene on the gridiron. Think of the posters for the film 300. That’s what it was looking like. After hours and hours of hand-wringing Photoshop work, my direction was unanimously shot down. And so I went back to the drawing board… I stumbled upon the grey textured background on a stock site, and placed it behind the image of Braxton. From there, I started working in headlines and teasers that picked up the texture. This direction had a warmer reception within the office, and after some tinkering with the typography, we had ourselves a cover. In the end, this issue wound up having one of the highest pickup rates in (614) Magazine history.