Skills: Cover Design

(614) Magazine Cover: Ohio Marijuana Debate




This is the cover of the October 2015 issue of (614) Magazine, which covered the Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative, Issue 3. An organization called Responsible Ohio was promoting the initiative, which would have legalized the limited sale and use of marijuana and created 10 facilities with exclusive commercial rights to grow marijuana. The initiative was ultimately voted down, largely because many felt that creating only 10 facilities would greatly limit the number of people who could become involved in growing and selling marijuana.

We wanted to avoid using cliché imagery associated with marijuana, and instead create a cover that would hit closer to home for (614) readers. Writer/editor Chris Gaitten had the idea of photographing one of the fields around Columbus that would have been used to grow marijuana had the initiative passed, and accompany that with a headline that questioned whether we should vote for the initiative. Our photographer Chris Casella took some shots of one of the fields, and from there I created several options using different headline ideas and design solutions. I think the final product achieved our initial goal, and made for an intriguing cover.

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