Skills: Cover Design

(614) Magazine Cover: The Music Issue 2015




During my time working for (614) Magazine, the month of June became the annual music issue, covering old and new local artists and providing previews of upcoming summer concerts in Columbus. The previous two music issue covers had been more or less photos from concerts, so with this issue we strived to give our readers something as creative and exciting as the Columbus music scene. After kicking some ideas around, (614) editor-in-chief came up with the concept of mimicking the design of old R&B and soul concert posters.

Local artist/producer Jacoti Sommes was willing to help us achieve our vision, and so our photographer Chris Casella took some shots of him with an old school, black and white look. From there, fellow designer Alix Ayoub started to work with the photographs and came up with the magenta starburst graphic in the background. I then worked in the headline across the bottom, incorporated the aged, grey texture in the background, and added the yellow bursts containing the names of a few of the featured artists. This was truly a collaborative effort from start to finish, and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.

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